At Claim Your Network Agency, our mission is to empower and elevate the beauty industry through strategic PR campaigns, impactful media placements, unforgettable events, and influential partnerships. As a women-owned and operated agency, we are dedicated to championing the success of our clients and fostering a community of collaboration and support.


We believe that every beauty brand has a unique story to tell, and we are here to help them claim their rightful place in the spotlight. Our team of creative and passionate PR professionals is committed to understanding the essence of each client, their values, and their target audience. With this knowledge, we craft tailored campaigns that not only generate buzz but also create meaningful connections and lasting brand loyalty.

Darcey Elizabeth


I'm a Speaker, Podcaster, and Networking Strategist, Event Designer, and a Reiki Master. I'm on a mission to create a space for entrepreneurs to take bold action in their businesses and grow their community through networking.

I am also a proud mama to my 4 year old son, in a happy relationship with my man, and love our little blended family.

Together lets create the life where you Claim Your Worth in both life & business.

Tara Leson

Website Design and Systems specialist

Hey! I'm Tara and I love all things systems and strategy! In the CYN Team, I make sure the back end and all the systems are organized and efficient so it all runs smoothly, we can grow and hit our dream goals! I'm also the one you'll talk to about any launch strategy, sales or landing pages design, funnels, and/or email automation!

Outside of business, I live in a small town in SK, Canada with my family - husband and two kids (son and daughter) and our fur kids that pop in constantly on ALL my calls! 

Amber Wright

Hey! My name is Amber Wright, I am a wife and a mom of two boys, a business owner and bookkeeper, and now a brand design team member for Claim Your Network! 

I love getting to know someone and their business and creating graphics that truly reflect a business and help make that business successful!

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