Community Cultivator Event Bundle

Are you looking to host an event to bring your community together in person?

This is for YOU!


Introducing the Community Cultivator Event Bundle!!

This is EXACTLY what you need to host an event that your community will be RAVING about for months to come!!

The CCE Bundle includes everything from designing and planning, to hosting the event that everyone is talking about.

Not only do events help you build your community, but the connections that are made when you actually meet in person can't be beat.

Event Workbook

Planning an event IS a lot of work, but we take you through it, step by step!

You won't miss a thing, down to the little details everyone will talking about!

3 options available - printable, e-book, or shipped right to your home!

Event Creation Course

Five video modules to take you through everything you need to create and execute your event. A treasure trove of resources designed to help you maximize every aspect of your event. Whether it's a small gathering or a large conference, our versatile tools will adapt to your specific needs, giving you the confidence to curate an unforgettable experience.

Event Templates

 The event templates will not only save you time and effort, but it will also save you from losing money. We understand the financial pressures that come with event planning, which is why we've included strategies and tips to help you monetize your event.

Say hello to smart decision-making and a positive return on investment.

Success from beginning to end!!

Events are one of the things Claim Your Network is KNOWN for and now we want to help you make yours the absolute best it can be, with less stress!


Are you ready to take your business to new heights, build a thriving community, and turn your events into profitable ventures?


Look no further! Our exclusive Community Cultivator Event Bundle is tailor-made for passionate entrepreneurs like yourself, providing you with all the tools you need to plan, execute, and create an exceptional experience for both attendees and your business.



No more worrying about where to start, what to prioritize, or how to keep things organized. Our carefully crafted templates, workbooks, and checklists will be your guiding light throughout the event planning process. Say goodbye to stress and hello to efficiency!


Whether you're a seasoned event planner or just starting on your business journey, our Community Cultivator Event Bundle will be your faithful companion. With us, you're not just creating memories; you're building a legacy.

Darcey's recent launch event was a true masterclass in how to create a transformative experience. Darcey has an innate ability to inspire, engage, and motivate, which was truly evident during this unforgettable event. The atmosphere was electric, the attendees were inspired, and every single element was orchestrated to perfection.

 In my eyes, and in the eyes of all who were fortunate to attend the launch event, Darcey is a beacon of inspiration. She's not just talking the talk but truly walking the walk. I feel honored to know her and even more honored to call her my friend.

 Here's to Darcey, a true trailblazer, who continues to inspire us all with her vision, her tenacity, and her heart.

- Alexis Carpenter

Darcey's positive energy radiated into her Claim Your Network event. She created a room that was overflowing with inviting and motivating energy. She has exceptional entrepreneur women speakers from all different areas of the coaching realm. She gathered local vendors to create a space for them as well. The overall experience left me feeling invigorated, secure, and seen.

- Amanda Fortin


In-person networking is all very new to me and completely out of my comfort zone!! Until I met Darcey the found of Claim Your Network!! 

I was fortunate to be a vendor at one her networking events and Darcey made me feel nothing shy of AMAZING!! 

Being in a room of successful women entrepreneurs can be a little intimidating. Claim Your Network made it feel natural, genuine, and authentic. We were all there to life up each others' crowns and Darcey made sure of it!! Looking forward to the next event!

- Tara Britt



5 module mini-course so you don't miss ANY event planning details

Event templates and checklists to ensure you have your finances down, deadlines tight, and feel organized throughout!

Event workbook to keep all your important details in one place - not scattered in a million notebooks throughout your house (we all know how that is!) 


Hey! I'm Darcey Elizabeth!

I'm the founder of Claim Your Network...

I'm also the Queen of Networking; and hosting and planning events is my JAM! I've done many events & retreatsand now I'm bringing all my expertise to you! It's time for you to create the rooms you want to be in!

Don't let opportunity pass you by.

Grab the CCE bundle and embark on a journey to event planning success today!